Find a Marble Slab Toronto Flooring Supplier to Get Your Renovation off on the Right Foot

Find a Marble Slab Flooring Supplier in Toronto to Get Your Renovation off on the Right Foot

One of the biggest changes in the last half of the 20th century was the innovation of plastic manufacturing. Suddenly, natural materials became not only passé, but also much more expensive. With the passage of time, the products got better and better, and it seemed that everywhere you looked, more and more of your home was made up of some type of purely artificial material or another. If you were to consider a natural building material to incorporate into a home renovation project, you were likely to think about installing wood flooring, but that came with its own set of problems. The richness of a natural material was offset by both its expense and its fragility. Susceptible to moisture, humidity and nicks or scratches from almost anything, a section of hardwood flooring can often become something that you counter-intuitively don’t want to spend too much time walking on, lest you damage it. An excellent alternative to that option, however, is to stay natural, but to go for strength as well as beauty by choosing marble slab. Toronto flooring experts who have worked with marble can tell you all about its resiliency, beauty and value.

Strength Underfoot

"Solid as a rock” is a proverbial phrase for a reason. Natural stone flooring tiles are incredibly tough, easily able to withstand the day-to-day traffic of even the most well-worn parts of your home. Resistant to chips, nicks and scratches, marble floor tiles weather everyday life with ease. Combined with a sealant to make it virtually impermeable to moisture, marble slab flooring is nearly indestructible and will last for decades without showing the slightest sign of aging.

Classic Beauty

Of course, marble’s primary reputation comes from its timeless beauty. Artisans and builders around the world have relied on this natural stone for millennia to provide elegance and class to just about any room, from humble bathrooms to grand ballrooms. With a huge variety of styles, each boasting their own unique properties and features, from virtually all corners of the world, you’re sure to find something that will fit perfectly, no matter what décor scheme you have planned for your kitchen renovation or bathroom remodelling project.

True Value

It’s sometimes tempting to view renovations with natural stone as an extravagant luxury. After all, you are going to spend much more on real marble tiling than on basic laminate flooring. However, the reality is that trading quality for the sake of price is the worst kind of false economy. If you spend half as much on a home renovation with cheaper materials, but have to repeat the job three more times, you’ve not only lost a significant amount of money, but you’ve spent far more time than you should have to rebuilding your home, and you’ve gone through all the stress of having to redo a job that you’d hoped was already done. By spending more up front for a durable, resilient choice of renovation products, you’ve ensured that once the job is done, it’s done for decades. It’s hard to put a price on that kind of peace of mind.
Whether you’re planning a kitchen remodelling job, a bathroom renovation or a redecoration of some other part of your home, start with a trip to see your local distributor of marble slab Toronto flooring and get your next project off on the right foot.